Fungilitic: The only such product with a unique composition

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Where to start? What you need to know about our product?

Our preparations have number of applications. Each plant is different. We know it, and for this we have developed many preparations that serve many purposes. Your garden is nice? The fruits are tasty and healthy? Give back to their plants do something for them!

  • Reduction in the population of microorganisms negative?
  • Creating a protective biofilm around the root?
  • Better, healthier fruit?
  • Higher yields?
  • Less disease? You want more?
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Cool Product: Get your now!

To meet all the expectations we have created a possibility free samples, to show that this formulation is not virtual, and can work wonders!

Sprawdzona jakość!

Before using our preparations we can do for you soil testing!

We want to ensure that the use of our products will bring you the greatest possible effects, and your money will not be wasted.

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Mamy laboratorium!

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Just that you contact us, and our traders and representatives back to you. Bet on proven methods, surely you We will not fail!

  • We study the soil!
  • We provide free samples!
  • We provide professional service!
  • I will send their representatives on our behalf!
  • We guarantee the protection of personal data!
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